About us

This is a blog about our travels as an itinerant family.

My plan for this blog is simply to share our journey. Putting our experiences into words helps me live the moment twice, and sharing them makes them seem more worthwhile.

I have few practical expectations for these writings, except perhaps to inspire a few to travel more, especially parents of young kids. Yes you can! We sometimes share practical information (maps, how to get there, if it’s stroller friendly) that we couldn’t easily find beforehand, and we sometimes share stories of good vegetarian food we found (kid friendly and vegetarian? Yessss!)

Why the little mangosteen?  That would be our girl, who happens to have been born in Thailand, and loves local mangosteens. Our little family has Colombian, American and Mexican passports, but our cultural heritage overflows those bureaucratic boundaries. My daughter’s great grand-parents were travelers, her grand-parents were travelers, we are travelers. Our families traveled inside their countries and/ or internationally, looking for job opportunities, displaced by political unrest, and also for the pleasure of discovery. I feel blessed to have been brought up listening to music from all over the world, learning how to use chopsticks from a young age, hearing the stories about past travels from my grandparents, but mostly for having been handed down a sense of curiosity and awe in the face of differences, rather than fear and intolerance.

We’ve had the fortune of many travels and many homes. We are currently living in: Bangkok (Thailand),  Princeton (New Jersey -USA),    Viña Del Mar (Chile).

Mother and child overlooking the bay of Sidney in Australia

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