Pick your own fruit at Terhune Orchards, NJ, USA

The sun is shinning strongly, the sky is blue, the weather is hot…. Finally summer is here!  What better way to celebrate than to gorge on fresh picked fruits with the family?

We spent one morning in the Terhune Orchards, in Princeton, New Jersey, amongst the neat rows of strawberry plants. We thought that it was a wonderful experience for all of us to pick the berries ourselves, and fill our little blue baskets. Our Little M seemed to agree. She squeezed the berries to get them off the plant and it took a few puréed ones for her to learn how to gently  separate them from the stem.

We also harvested some asparagus. Little M liked this activity very much. She could select the best looking spears and easily break them at the base. She would’ve harvested the whole field if she had her way…

The Orchard also has a play area for the children and some animals.


We also recently went back for blueberries!


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