Thai markets

I’ve always been fascinated by markets, especially food markets.

What’s on offer? How is it presented? How are vendors promoting their  goods? What are the rituals between vendor and customer? How is the market itself organized?

In Thailand you will find the best quality and the best prices for fruit and vegetables in markets, not in supermarkets. There are a few big and famous ones, such as the Klong Toei market, and a myriad small neighborgood ones.

Things I’ll remember from Thai markets are the variety of unidentified green leafy vegetables, the fleshy edible flowers, the amazing variety of eggplants and mushrooms… You’ll see the many aromatic herbs and tubers, such as the kafir limes and leaves, lemongrass, galangal, chillis, shallots…  There were often curry pastes and “nam prik” pastes on offer.  And then there’s the fruit, changing in variety and prices with the seasons, always bountiful and deliciously tropical:  mangos, bananas, papaya, mangosteen, rambutan, guava, durian, watermelon, pineapple, rose apple, dragonfruit. Of course you also find imported fruit, like the dubiously cheap american grapes,  or the perfect red and green apples from New Zealand, Japan and the US… There is fish, there is meat, and there are usually flies around that area.

There are always prepared food stalls, and there is usually plenty to choose from (i’m not talking about vegetarian options here), and plenty of customers.

With a toddler in tow you will notice the very dangerous pots of frying oil, of boiling soups and of red charcoals, just there by the crowded narrow paths. Ouch!

Here is a glimpse, a superficial one, of our neighborhood market. It’s open only on Saturday evenings. It’s small and relatively uneventful, not a touristy destination by any means.
You won’t get explanations as to what some things are. I don’t know! You’ll just have to look closely and take a guess, just like we do every time we go there 🙂

Photos by Mr A :), my amazing husband.

I love the variety of mobile shops in Thailand!


a great variety of toppings for the prepared dishes on sale
Thai sweets
Beautiful fresh and fragrant flower garlands

More sweets

Cutesy jello… and plastic ducks
He sells pressed sugarcane juice

A few of the many thai eggplant varieties
A sweet snack of puffed rice lightly covered with coconut sugar syrup
Chilies, pea eggplant and a lonely pumpkin wedge

The sugarcane juice and persimmon trucks

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